Established in 2009, PT. Inti Sinar Pelangi (ISP) is a member of:

1. Association of Indonesian Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Companies (APMI)

2. Licensed by Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN)

3. DEPNAKER RI (Indonesian Department of Labor) 

4. Specializes in providing a complete Manpower and Expatriate Management Services

5. ISO 9001:2008 (Manpower Supply, Drilling, Workover, Well Testing and Production Facilities Services for Oil & Gas Onshore, Offshore & Marine)



With our experienced management resources, extensive network both local & international, as well as active representation in major oil and gas cities in NDC Abu Dhabi (National Drilling Company), ADNOC, Malaysia, Dubai, Thailand,Etc
(Transocean, SK Drilling/Seadrill, Shelf Drilling, Vantage Drilling Alliance: OGRE, Singapore) and Platform Project in Indonesia for Welding Habitat Services Alliance: SAFEHOUSE HABITAT INDONESIA (Habitat Technician) : (PHE ONWJ- PHE 5 , CNOOC, Banuwati – Alpha, Premier Oil-Gajah Baru, Conoco Philiph-South Belut, Santos-Maleo we are confident in offering best quality and value added service to our Clients.


Our business strategy is focused on providing our clients with a seamless “Integrated Management System” whereby we serve as an extension of your HR department, extending your company’s vision, philosophies and practices to our crew. We actively pursue teamwork with our clients; we proactively solve problems, and we take it upon ourselves to listen to your needs.






ISO 9001 : 2008 & IAPMO R&T Registration Services

Certificate Number: 51410