ISP is the companies incorporated in INDONESIA with businesses in a number of areas of the marine and onshore-offshore industry. ISP provides oil and gas exploration and production support services as well as engages in marine and onshore-offshore oil & gas manpower development and recruitment.

Vision :

Become the industry recognize premier Oil & Gas services company services within World Wide.

Mission :

The objective of PT Inti Sinar Pelangi is to develop and protect the interest of our principles, to meet profit expectations and to provide a secure and satisfying work environment between our principles and clients

Employess and management are committed to achieving the vision and mission by :
To serve good services with our highest honor, by providing our countrymen the equal and sincere employment opportunity and at the same time to provide our principals and clients are most qualified and highly skilled Indonesia Marine, Drilling, Oil & Gas Personnel.

To establish, maintain, operate, and organize every detail that addresses the various problems and needs of its Principles and Clients as well as that of the Indonesia marine & Drilling crews.
To make our Principls and Clients happy and completely satisfied with our service

To Undertake and continuing to educate and trained the skills and interest of our company seaman and members based on communication skills, health (physically and psychologically) and personality

To continuously and upgrade the quality of services rendered to our Principals and Clients.